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President's Message

Thanks to Medical Professionals and First Responders

We salute and give thanks to the Doctors, Nurses and other medical professionals in our country and worldwide who are working tirelessly to take care of the afflicted during this difficult time and at the risk of their own health safety. We are very grateful to them and our first responders. We have them and the afflicted in our prayers daily. We wish a Refuah Shlema, a speedy recovery to all afflicted by the virus. 

Almighty G-d we beseech you to give added strength, wisdom and courage to all of the Physicians, Nurses and health care professionals who are on the front lines working tirelessly to treat and care for those afflicted as they fight valiantly to preserve life while working to find a cure and to stop the spread of this horrible plague and to eradicate it!!

Blessed are You O G-d who hears prayer!! Blessed are You O G-d who heals the sick!! AMEN! 

Rachel Dubelman, President

2020 Board of Directors

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Dear Friends,

As the President of Cuban Hebrew Congregation I must comment on the recent headlines and articles that were circulated among many Jewish publications regarding the state and future of Cuban Hebrew Congregation. 

A reporter who seems to be quite negative in her view of our Congregation called our Rabbi out of the blue and showed up on our doorstep on a Saturday while we were  conducting our Shabbat services. She showed up late but sat for the remainder of the services, she also took part in our kiddush following services. At the end of services she was quite insistent and "pushy" about an interview right there and then and proceeded to turn on her recording device which she manipulated on and off at will. My protestations of it being Shabbat and she can come during the week fell on deaf ears. She claimed this is the only opportunity she had available as she was leaving town and was expected someplace else. By the way she never interviewed the Rabbi which we thought was her purpose for contacting him in the first place.

Little did we know and now after publishing her infamous headlines that her intentions were less than honorable. I requested that she send us the article prior to publication which she did not do and which we find unprofessional and untrustworthy. This conduct on her part should have been an indication that she was not upfront about her purpose for coming to our Temple and she meant to do us harm.

Let me assure our friends and Jewish community that the headlines of our "struggling" and "future in jeopardy" and of our “premature demise” are greatly exaggerated and unfounded. It is true that at one time under different leadership we were suffering but NOT NOW. The truth is that our Congregation is doing better than ever. Under this current Administration and Board of Directors we are moving forward and finally are starting to see the "light at the end of the tunnel". 

After doing many improvements to the Temple and together with our new exclusive world renowned Chef and Kosher Caterer Shaike LLC, Venue2020 we are proud to say that we are again booking weddings, bar mitzvahs, conferences, tours, concerts and other major events with maximum participation and success. Not everything is about membership numbers or if our congregation has still many elderly congregants. They are people also and deserve respect and not the condescending and dismissive attitude exhibited in the article. 

The NEW Cuban Hebrew Congregation is moving in a new direction and expanding our horizons. We are focusing on becoming a Learning Center and we have much interest developing in this direction. Our facilities are perfect for it.

I want to reassure our friends and members that the "State of the Union" of our beloved Congregation is in great shape. Our finances are finally solid and our future looks bright. The finances of our Temple were never discussed with this reporter so where she got this information must be from parties who do not believe in our Congregation. 

Let me further assure everyone that Cuban Hebrew Congregation is NOT FOR SALE now or in the near future. If that ever becomes something the Board of Directors wants to entertain we will let our community know. 

All the rumors and innuendos as a result of the headlines and this article are just plain “Lashon Hara”. It is propagating unpleasant and harmful facts which is forbidden and a serious sin in the Jewish tradition. Please think before you speak and if you have any questions related to the article or our status, feel free to call the Temple office at 305-534-7213 but do not speculate on what is going on. You can speak with myself, Becky or any Board Member.

Join us for Shabbat Services and our Kiddush, we promise you will enjoy it.

Have a Blessed Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom,

With much love, Your President

Rachel Dubelman

Social News


Cemetery Lots for Sale

Cuban Hebrew Congregation has just acquired 10 cemetery lots in the beautiful  Mount Sinai Cemetery located at 1125 N.W. 137th St. [Opa-Locka Boulevard], Miami, FL 33168. 

These lots will not be available for long.

If you would like to purchase a cemetery lot please contact Becky Cohen @ 305-534-7213